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Memories In Motion 

Journalistic Storytellers  - refers to the production and distribution of reports on recent events


   At RichLee Productions, we are journalists at heart, we capture one the most events of your life, so you can reflect on them for years to come. One of my favorite memories is to watch wedding videos of my family members, my sisters, friends, and my cousins. It was amazing to relive those moments the excitement in everyone's faces, to see loved ones that are not here anymore live, in color, in their purest state.


  As a team of journalists, we are not the type of people that are going to constantly tell you "HEY LOOK OVER HERE" or let’s redo your first dance because we need another angle. We are the people that simply knows how to capture it live when it's happening. Making you wonder if we're even there at all.


  When you choose to have RichLee Productions to film your wedding, remember we are the one vendor you don’t have to worry about. We will make sure that your memories are safe, and viewable for generations to come.

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